Q: Do I need a Visa?

A: Yes:

  • If you’re a UK citizen, you’ll need an ESTA (Visa).
  • If you're a UK resident who is also a citizen of somewhere else, you’ll need an actual visa, usually a B-1/B-2. Shout if this is you and we will help with whatever papers you need!

Q: Do you have any flight tips?

A: If you are traveling for a longer period, like, over a week we recommend JetBlue or British Airways. We tend to get one big checked bag and share it rather than one each.

If you're going for a shorter time, it's an American Bank Holiday (Memorial Day, 27 May 24) so the prices have gone up a bit. We recommend Norse as they've not jacked up their prices. Please note they don't serve food

Q: What should I wear?

A: No jeans, no white dresses! Everything else is fair game.

Q: Can we get you a gift?

A: Absolutely not! However! We know some of you will insist. If you do insist, we've made a small list of things that can be sent to us in London.

We're really grateful for your generosity but please we can't take a hoover / vacuum back in the plane with us.

Honestly, we just want you there. That's the best present for us.

Q: Do I need a car seat for my child?

A: Yes there are a few things. If they rent a car, they need to rent car seats for children as well. If they are under 40lbs, the seat must be rear facing. Under 4ft, they need a front facing or booster seat. Kids can't ride in front seat unless over 5ft tall. They don't need a seat within taxis, buses, or cabs.

If you have any other questions please text us. We are happy to help