Daisy & Leo

Get Married

Sea Cliff Manor, NYC

30 MAY 2024

Celebrate with us In New York

We're taking the plunge and getting married! Crazy, right? But we couldn't imagine celebrating without all of you there to join in on the fun. We're still nailing down the timings, but we'll keep you in the loop as everything comes together. In the meantime, block off 30 May 2024 on your calendar and start practicing your dance moves!

Can't wait to party with you!

- Daisy & Leo

Leo Dressed up as Statue of Liberty Leo Proposing at Cold Spring Harbor NYC Daisy and Leo Drunk at the hotel rooftop
Sea Cliff Manor Wedding Venue

Join Us at Sea Cliff Manor

395 Prospect Ave, Sea Cliff, NY 11579

Travel Tips

  • If you’re a UK citizen, you’ll need an ESTA (Visa).
  • If you're a UK resident who is also a citizen of somewhere else, you’ll need an actual visa, usually a B-1/B-2. Shout if this is you and we will help with whatever papers you need!
  • Jetblue is a our favourite way to travel to NYC.

Remember, it's gonna be a long flight over and jet lag is no joke. So plan accordingly and give yourself some time to adjust before the wedding kicks off.